Some Blast-from-the-Past Concerts for May

For those that remember a different era of rock and roll, the end of May is bringing in two concerts that will whisk you back to another time. These artists may be aging, but they certainly aren’t slowing down.

Rush - AmericanAirlinesCenter - May 18th

Hailed as one of Canada’s best rock bands, Rush is heading out for what might very likely be their final major tour. They’ve been making excellent music for 40 years now and those that have never had a chance to see their visually spectacular stage show might want to get in on this opportunity.

Volbeat & Anthrax - Verizon Theatre - May 27th

Volbeat may be fairly new to the heavy metal scene, but those they’re sharing the stage with, Anthrax, know it inside and out. If you’re in the mood for something that will pin your ears back and knock the breath right out of you, this heavy-hitting concert is not to be missed.


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